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Analytical Domain

For most businesses, it is analytics that brings in value. Analytical data helps businesses to stay at the top of their business game and bring in growth. Recognizing this business need, as a Channel Partner, we bring you the most workable solution that integrates seamlessly into your business, a Rubiscape Platform

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Rubiscape Platform

Rubiscape is a revolutionary platform that makes open source, algorithms, computation and business people work harmoniously. Rubiscape extensions (connect to any data) and Rubiscape apps (industry specific) provide un-matched value. At the core of the Rubiscape backbone is a very powerful data science workbench; design and analysis studio; natural language processors; library of statistical and machine learning functions; and the ability to create, test and maintain basic and advanced analysis and models.

The visualisation and dashboarding feature helps business users examine patterns, bring out hidden insight, and thereby accelerate and improvise strategic decisions.

What is RubiSight?

Let the Data Lead You!
RubiSight is a visual data storyteller. RubiSight provides a drag-and-drop interface for creating visually appealing interactive dashboards. 

RubiSight offers visual data analytics and exploration for a better understanding of data and hidden insights. It helps in creating crisp presentations and assists data-driven decisions.

What is RubiFlow?

Deliver data experiences at the speed of business
RubiFlow is a best-in-class visual data-flow designer and orchestrator with drag-and-drop capabilities for data wrangling, blending, and analytics processes. Whether your data is big or small, on-cloud or on-premise, RubiFlow brings in simplicity and self-service capability for data enrichment and pipeline management.

What is RubiStudio?

One MLOps Platform for all your Analytics needs.
RubiStudio is a Visual Designer (no-code/low-code, drag & drop) self-service AI-ML capabilities within a flexible, centralized environment that spans the analytics life cycle.

RubiStudio boosts your MLOps productivity with an engineering culture and practice.

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Rubiscape channel Partner

  • Rubiscape premium partner
  • Built and released Rubiscape apps in ML, AI, BOTs for financial, automotive and telecom customers
  • 1000+ man-years of data analytics experience
  • 500+ BI, DWH, big data, analytics projects successfully delivered across multiple industries
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Rubiscape Apps

Using Rubiscape Dimension Methodology, apps and accelerators are available for :

  • Churn analysis
  • Social network analysis
  • Recommendation engines
  • Location-based tracking
  • Weather text mining and data discovery
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Pricing analysis
  • Fraud detection
  • Risk identification
  • Demand forecasting
  • Predictive intelligence